A fantastic new procedural image editor.
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Version 2.0 is now out. Check that your version has 2.0 in the title bar. There are a few improvements.

  • Automatic line renumbering
  • Support for text and fonts
  • Antialiased lines, polygons, and other graphics primitives
  • Interactive command console
  • A CALL statement to call other BASICdraw programs
  • See the BASICdraw commands page for features new in version 2.0.

    BASICdraw is rapidly evolving into a powerful and flexible multi-function image manipulation tool. Check out some user programs.

    You might also want to take the BASICdraw Curves Tutorial all about various types of mathematical curves.

    What is a Prodedural Image Editor ?
    A prodedural image editor lets you draw with coded instructions rather than with mouse commands. BASICdraw does include a couple of simple drawing tools, but the power of the editor lies in its ability to allow you to run arbitrary MiniBASIC scripts over images.

    What is it good for ?
    BASICdraw is good for all those jobs that are hard to achieve any other way, except with expensive software. For instance you want to rotate a logo and paste it into your front cover. Or you want to put a grid over the image. Or you need to add a border ten pixels wide. All very simple things to achieve in code, but hard to do with conventional editing software. Every graphics studio should have a copy.

    Do you need to be a programmer ?
    BASIC is the easiest programming language to learn. Millions of people who do not consider themselves to be professional programmers know how to use it. If you don't know BASIC already, it is very simple to pick up.

    Are there any user programs for it ?
    Yes. The list is gradually growing. Check them out here.

    Get the program here BASICdraw icon
    Read the documentation here
    Goto the MinBasic homepage

    Happy editing.
    Submit any interesting programs to