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MPI or "Message Passing Interface" is a protocol for programming parallel computers. It has now effectively been accepted as the standard. These pages aim to give a brief tutorial. They assume that the reader is already familiar with C.

MPI is implemented as series of functions callable from C or Fortan 77. If you are used to fancy object-oriented languages, you are out of luck. It's back to plain old C or Fortran 77. For a discussion on integrating C and Fortran 77, follow the link here.

With this you should basically be away, if your programs are relatively simple to parallelise. There are a few more advanced functions. It is all very well knowing what the MPI functions do, but it is more important to know how to use them effectively. We are still feeling our way with MPI programs, but here are two articles.

Reference section

This is a tutorial not a reference guide. However there is a list of commonly-used functions , and a list of non-function definitions .These are not intended to be exhaustive but to give a picture of the main parts of the MPI system. If you want an official reference, goto the MPI Forum Homepage , or the alphabetical list of functions .

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