Amyloid Propensity Applet

Coded by Malcolm McLean


This Java applet shows the amyloidogenic propensity for a peptide sequence


Enter one or more peptide sequences in FASTA format into the box. The amyloidogenic propensity will be shown. Gaps ('-') are allowed.

The amyloidogenic propensity is calcuated by moving a sliding window over the sequence. Eash residue has an associated propensity to form amyloid, obtained by experimetental measures of point mutation. In general the more hydrophobic residues are also the more amyloidogenic.

Isoleucine I 1.822
Phenylalanine F 1.754
Valine V 1.594
Leucine L 1.380
Tyrosine Y 1.159
Tryptophan W 1.037
Methionine M 0.910
Cysteine C 0.604
Alanine A -0.036
Threonine T -0.159
Serine S -0.294
Proline P -0.334
Glycine G -0.535
Lysine K -0.931
Histinine H -1.033
Glutamine Q -1.231
Arginine R -1.240
Asparagine N -1.302
Glutamic acid E -1.412
Aspartic acid D -1.836

See de Groot NS et al (2005) Prediction of hot-spots of aggregation in disease-linked polypetides BMC Structural Biology 5: 18

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